AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: Marc Miller Wants to Make a Traveller TV Pilot

Traveller, the epic interstellar role playing game, has a Kickstarter campaign.

They’re going to make a TV pilot!

Jon Spinward is a prominent starship cargo broker, kidnapped by a crew of pirates. But making a living raiding other starships is a hard life, and Jon must navigate this group of rogues and misfits in hopes of turning them into a legitimate far-trader business. Together, this band of unlikely allies must dodge competing pirates, navigate labyrinthian Imperial procedures, and the dangers of the empire’s border sector. Once they do, then maybe Jon can turn a profit and finally get a passage ticket back home.

Or maybe he might discover something more important than money out there in the frontier.

Starring: Samantha Swords, Brian Lewis, John Wells, Kristin Pelletier, Alexandra Whitman, Jenny Simmons, Sawyer Krause & Jessica Russo.

Producer: Ken Whitman
Executive Producer: Marc Miller
Studio: d20 Entertainment

travellerIf you’ve never played Traveller (or the many strategy board games based on the RPG), you owe it to yourself to check it out.

travsolrimIf you have, well, then there’s really no need to go on, is there?

You can support this project, helmed by Marc Miller (game designer extraordinaire) here

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