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“Space Station 76”—A Movie Review

The characters dress as a ‘70s designer would have thought future people might dress, when they’re not dressing in actual ‘70s style...

Happy New Year! My Top 25 Horror Moments Of 2013

Mr. Simpson shares 25 horrors with us, a journey through a horrifying year.

Wishing You A Very Dark Christmas…

J. Simpson has a different view of how we all ought to celebrate Christmas....

Reddit SF Writer of the Day – Amazing’s Editor & Publisher

Rough Trade, Steve's edgy, comedic flash fiction examination of the Fermi Paradox is accompanied by some background of the author and some thoughts on the writing process.

Marketing 101: Authors and Reading Communities

I'm a member of two really large and really great reading communities: Goodreads /r/Fantasy on reddit Recently in /r/Fantasy there was a post about self-promotion. And I...

Diggin’ The Crates

There is a term in rap/hip-hop culture called Crate Digging. It means endlessly trawling through classic funk, soul & every other kind of record...