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The Audio File: Religion in Speculative Fiction

Want to hear an audio version of a short speculative fiction story about religion? Sam McDonald has chosen some good ones for you to consider from a wide variety of religious perspectives.

The Audio File: The Four Loves

What is love? Sam tackles the age old mystery.

The Audio File: Christmas Special

It's Christmas in July - in January!

The Audio File: Military Science Fiction

A selection of audio Military Science Fiction, from the classic to the new

The Audio File: Superheroes

Sam takes a tour of free audio fiction on the web.

The Ether Patrol

A classic radio show devoted to science fiction

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 3 The Dirty Business Of Promotion

A look at self-publishing promotional strategies.

Wishing You A Very Dark Christmas…

J. Simpson has a different view of how we all ought to celebrate Christmas....

One Thousand Posts

Today Amazing Stories achieves a milestone in publishing its 1,000th post (and then some!) When this project first began - the resurrection of the world's...