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Book Review: The Teardrop Method by Simon Avery

In Simon Avery's novella, the interstitial dark spaces are filled with horrors and a creeping unease that drags the reader in and won’t let go

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist...

Rosana Azar, an artist immune to commissions who "paints from the inside out".

On The Road With Kerouac, Cassady + Cthulhu – Move Under...

A review of NIck Mamatas' Move Underground: it's about time we gave Nick a bit of attention!


A review of Giovanna Rivera's 98 SEGUNDOS SIN SOMBRA

Poetry Review – Offspring of the Moon, by John W. Sexton

Offspring of the Moon is a beautiful little volume of 57 Moon Wind mostly short length poems. The cover art by Ludmila Korol, called "Moon Wind" is stunningly perfect and beautiful on the paperback cover. I was drawn in by the vividness of the imagery and found a kinship with the weird.
Magic Realism vs Fantasy - Venn Diagram

Crossroads: Negotiating the Unreal in Magic Realism and Fantasy

Perhaps the most important insight I've gained from my research for my Crossroads series is that the borders between genres are very fluid, and...