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Jemisin wins another award, fans remember Oscar Goldman and much much more from the world of fandom.

La Ciudad del Olvido, de Hermann Gil Robles

In Hermann Gil Roble's new novel, nanotechnology drugs are used to give consumers sublime experiences. But of course, there are side effects...

Review: Another War by Simon Morden

Another War is an early novella, published in the UK by Telos Publishing in 2005, by the British writer Simon Morden, who has since come to prominence with the Philip K. Dick Award-winning Metrozone series. It is a fast-paced horror story paying homage to HP Lovecraft, William Hope Hodgson, Quatermass, and even UNIT from Doctor Who.

Interview – Jonathan Oliver

Gary Dalkin interviews one of the hardest working editors in the UK - Jonathan Oliver

The Amazing Virgil Finlay

Whenever I think about black-and-white illustrations from the old science fiction magazines, it is always the work of Virgil Finlay that I picture in...