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Book Review: Armistice by Harry Turtledove

The final volume in Harry Turtledove's The Hot War trilogy is disappointing, but still worth reading.

Interview: Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove, student of Byzantium, talks about alternate history. On this timeline anyway.

The Turtledove Effect or: The Wrong Way To Use People and...

The 'Turtledove Effect' is a misnomer.

Scide Splitters: This is My Funniest, Edited by Mike Resnick

Review of This Is My Funniest, a short story anthology edited by Mike Resnick.

Alternate History on the Small Screen

With shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, fans have a lot to be happy about with the modern age of genre television....

The Dangers of Crosstime Travel

Discovering and exploring a multiverse can be an exciting, adventure-filled journey. Be warned. There are dangers lurking in the multiverse

ASM Blog Horde Interview with Matt Mitrovich

Welcome to the Amazing Stories BLOG HORDE INTERVIEWS! The ASM Blog Horde is a diverse and wonderful species. I have the privilege of talking with all...

Convincing vs. Amazing: Balancing Your SF World

Author Paul J. McAuley (author of  "A Very British History", one of my favorite short stories) recently tweeted: The trouble with SF 'worldbuilding' is that it too...

Dissecting Our Present: How SF Can Highlight Our Historical Bias

As Harry Turtledove, the master of alternate history, said in the introduction to The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century, even historical memoirs...

These Fractured States: An Overview of Balkanized Americas

Adventure and excitement waits for those travelers brave enough to explore Anglo-America… Treasure troves of colonial history await in the eastern aristocracies, but current events...

Guide to Alternate History Literature

I’m often asked to recommend a good alternate history book, but you might as well ask me to name my favorite film.  My mind...