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Eurocon 2016 (Part 2)

More photos from EuroCon, including lady baby Cthulhu!

Trying Patreon (Because I am not Amanda Palmer but I Want...

Our Spanish language editor has started a Patreon account.

Top Post de Marzo

Top posts for March

Top Post de Diciembre 2014

December's top posts

Post populares de noviembre

Popular posts from November

The Artful Collector: Fantasy Art for Consumers

Fantasy art for consumers - pop culture fantasies

The Artful Collector: IlluxCon 7 “The Prequel”

It seems like only yesterday (in fact, it WAS only yesterday) that I turned in the last of my postings on the 72nd Worldcon:...

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist...

Where's Fred Gambino? Premiering a new art book at this year's Worldcon!

The Artful Collector: How Times Have Changed . . .

A trip down memory lane - with art catalogs!

Reseña de Libro: Buenos Aires Próxima

A review of the new anthology from the publishers of Proxima Centauri, edited by our own Laura Ponce!

AMAZING PEOPLE: Felicity Savage’s Finity Now On Sale

Felicity Savage's short story - Finity - is now on sale as a Kindle short story for 99 cents. Featuring the same cover art by...

The Artful Collector: Good Art by Bad Men, continued . ....

A continued look at the morality of art and the distinction between the art and the artist.

The Artful Collector: Collecting and the 80/20 Rule

While it is impossible to predict the directions of the art market, an 80/20 rule can help you trace the value.

ALEJANDRA MÀRQUEZ – Artesana por M. C. Carper

M.C. Carper interviews comics artist Alejandra Marquez

Shameless Self Promotion: “Metropolis” exhibition in Wellington

For being such an eclectic bunch of people, the exhibition seems surprizingly congruent, and everyone's work looks pretty fab

Amazing Stories Limited Edition T-Shirt

They're going fast - pre-order one today!