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The Artful Collector: Highlights from LonCon3 – The Biggest SF Worldcon...

If you missed Loncon3, here's your chance to catch up!

SW #20 The Unsung Heroes of Comics Vol. 1: Colorists

Without artists - there would be nothing to call a comic a comic

Sequential Wednesdays #13 – On Reminiscing & Predicting

Hey folks, I'm back after a self-imposed 6 week (or so) hiatus from writing posts for ASM.  I went off to work on an...

Sequential Wednesdays #8 – Rotten & Dirty [UPDATED]

UPDATE: ComiXology's David Steinberger has announced that it was *NOT* Apple's decision to not release Saga #12.  Please see my comment below. It's genuinely shocking that...