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Being a Geek Today vs Yesterday

The age old question: What makes a Geek a Geek?

Dandy Delivers the Goods, Baby

A look at Space Dandy, a new anime series.

Friday Fanzine – Beam

Beam 1, a triply distilled product of the Unusual Suspects.

Why “I Don’t Like Anime” Doesn’t Really Make Sense

Morgana Santilli discusses etiquette of how to say you aren't interested in anime, and the prejudice you show in saying you don't like anime.

Friday Fanzine – Journey Planet 17

Journey Planet 17 reviews and celebrates the history of Worldcon and is probably one of the best fanzine issues to be published in 2013.


I'll be giving "panel" at Boskone 51 this February and would LOVE to hook up with any and all Amazing Stories people!

Articles populaires novembre 2013

Fabien Lyraud turns a French eye towards illuminating the best of November's content.

Characters That Will Always Remain

Is anime a way for some of us to retain our childhood fancies? Or do we recognize ourselves in the characters we've chosen to admire? Morgana Santilli discusses her reasons for her favorite characters when she was younger and how her preference have changed with growing up.


Today's absolutely cool website is Rob Hansen's Fan Stuff - UK & general fannish history - in depth!

The Curse of Fandom, or: Three Stages of Addiction: Fan, Faan,...

Learn to recognize the signs of your addiction!

RWBY: The Anime-Inspired Webseries I Can’t Stop Talking About

Morgana Santilli talks about what makes RWBY a great animated series, and webseries.

Our Friends Edible Nitrogen and Radioactive Decay, or: The Science of...

Fans have been known to do strange things - including the consumption of frozen isotopes.

Friday Fanzine

Two zines from 2013's TAFF winner - Jim Mowatt

Consider the Magical Girl

With the Sailor Moon relaunch just a few months away, I seem to be seeing an onslaught of magical girls in the media.

Dubbing Gone Wrong: Americanization, Racism, and Willful Ignorance

It is extremely difficult, as a creator of any sort, to escape your culture.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

One Fan’s History — Badges? We Don’ Need No Steenkin’…(Part One)

Every con has a name badge, and most of them are well designed, like a little piece of art. Badge collecting is a great way to save convention memories

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part VI (and Final): The Scariest Characters Make...

The final installment of this year's Ooky Spooky Animanga series focuses on the best scary animanga character costumes, and how to put them together.

Friday Fanzine – SF Commentary

SF Commentary, an international award winning fanzine from Australia.

How Not To Host A Website -or- The Further Adventures Of...

As late as twenty years ago a fanzine panel at a VCON would draw thirty to forty fen, all curious, many enthusiastic, all appreciative of any sprightly and hilarious tales to be told springing from fanac lore, tradition, and experience. But now… I stopped participating in convention panels promoting fanzine fandom when the four panelists on the panel outnumbered the audience four-to-one…

Fotos de Fan: Fantastika 2013

Este post tenía que ser originalmente un recuento de todo lo ocurrido en el Swecon de este año, llamado Fantastika 2013

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part V: The Japanese Fascination with Spirits

Every culture has its ghost stories. Here in the West, ours tend toward narratives depicting souls who died violent deaths and have returned to take revenge. Or perhaps we tell tales of those who have died too soon and only wish for eternal playmates. As I briefly mentioned in my post last week, the Japanese have a very rich and far-reaching pantheon of spooks. The majority of these ghosts and their stories grew out of the Edo period (1603-1867; thus why a show like Mononoke asserts itself as particularly Japanese horror), and ghost stories with a certain antiquated style to them, or an air of the past, are usually referred to as kaiden (mysterious or strange recited narrative), whereas more modern horror stories would simply be called hora (a Japanization of "horror").

AMAZING News: 10/20/13

Awesome Geekery From Around The Geekosphere

Article populaire : septembre 2013

Un résumé des articles populaires de Amazing Stories du mois de Septembre.

The Club House

Earl Terry Kemp revives an old Amazing Stories and fannish tradition, The Club House. Fannish news from across the fan-o-sphere!

Friday Fanzine – Broken Toys From Taral Wayne

Rotsler Award Winning Taral Wayne's Broken Toys.

Friday Fanzine: Lake Geneva

A new fanzine from a new fan

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Short Fiction Reviews - Zillions of 'Em - On Tangent Online

AMAZING News – 9/29/13

Genre News - and lots of it!

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