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Articles populaires mars 2014

Fabien explains our March scribblings for reader of the language of love.

AMAZING News 3-30-29

STOP THE PRESSES! AMAZING STORIES will begin publication of a special 88th anniversary edition of the magazine on April 1st, 2014. April 1st may be April...

Eager to Celebrate SF: The Zoryany Shlyah SF Club of Kiev...

Ukraine is much on our minds lately. R. G. Cameron reminds us that there are fans living in that country, people no different than ourselves other than their geographic location.

When A Hobby Becomes An Identity

Morgana does the self-observational thing regarding her fannishness: I am happy in my self-awareness and my obsessiveness and my over-thinking-it-ness. I am happy to live partially in my head...

Jophan, Meet King Canute

Like the Lady and the Tiger, Fandom is being offered two choices. Which door should we choose?

AMAZING News 3-23-14

Amazing News - The Town Crier Of The Multiverse (Town CrierS?) (Don't like a Headline? Just shift a few 'verses and you'll find one.)

When I First Got Into Fandom

Wanting to be a Fan makes you a fan - despite whatever litmus tests, obstacles or hoops to jump through some may want to throw in your way.

SciFi4Me.com, Your Portal to the Science Fiction Multiverse

“Greetings! Welcome to SciFi4Me.com – where we talk science fiction, not wrestling. “ I ask you how can one not love a sci-fi based website...

AMAZING News 3/16/14

News? We don't need no stinkin news. We want badges!

Thank You, Hayao Miyazaki

As we grow older, we are forced to accept the fact that those people who helped to form our childhood are also getting older. We are made to understand that being influential does not make one immortal, at least not in a literal sense. And so, thousands of people the world over are slowly coming to terms with the fact that Hayao Miyazaki is truly, truly retiring this time.

Asni’s Art Blog: His Hotness the Doctor

The Doctor is hot. No doubt about that: He may have started out as a cranky old man, a mad scientist, traveling the universe...

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Rob Hansen's Fan Stuff - more fan history than you can shake a fan at!

Unhappy Is The Fan

Judith Dial, editor and former book dealer, shares her concerns about the state of fandom.

Cosplayers: The Modern Don Quixotes

Reflections on modern Don Quiotes.

Lawrence Keith Tucker To Be Laid To Rest March 7th

Fans got together to make sure that Larry will be memorialized properly.

Want to Become a BNF? (Big Name Fan?) Here’s One Long...

R. Graeme Cameron instructs us in the fine art of becoming a BNF - or nearly so. (It might be advisable to strive for Filthy Pro status instead....)

The Club House 2/28/14

A trip back in time: Earl takes us into his library and pulls some influential fanzines from the shelves.

Review: What Makes This Book So Great? by Jo Walton

A review of Jo Walton's unique and very interesting collection of essays on reading.

The Club House 2/21/14

Reviews of recently published fanzines and thoughts on thought police.

FRIDAY FANZINE: Littlebrook #9

Today - Littlebrook #9 from the incomparable fanzine team of Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins

Why Hollywood Needs to Stay Out of Anime (At Least For...

Media apologists everywhere would have you believe that Hollywood only runs the way that it does because of this concept called "marketability." We could never have Asian-American headliners in an Akira movie because we don't have enough big-name Asian-American actors. We can't keep the integrity of the original story because it's not culturally significant to an American audience. God forbid a movie challenge an audience's perspective on another culture or give them an insight into how other parts of the world react to certain situations

Boskone: A Preliminary Con Report

A preliminary report on your publisher's attendance at Boskone 51.

Where (Comic Book) Art Meets Philosophy: A 1000 Ideas By 100...

A review of the art book: 1,100 Ideas By 100 Manga Artists

A Year With Amazing Stories: My Anime Blogiversary!

Morgana Santilli reflects on a year of posts and blogging. Happy Blogiversary!

There’s No Right Way To Be A Fan?!?

Want to be a fan? A REAL fan? A TRUfan? There is only one true way. Learn how to follow the path to righteous fannishness - or be doomed to fakefandom - FOREVER!

When is a Convention Not a Convention? When It Is your...

R. Graeme Cameron suggests that the best way to attend a science fiction convention is to not treat it like a yard sale.

Is the Anime Renaissance Upon Us?

An examination of the world of anime in its current state and with its current offerings.

Chi-Fi Gets It Right

K. Ceres Wright highlights the recent announcement by the Chi-Fi convention that they are rescheduling their convention because the venue might not be welcoming to fans.

The Club House 1/10/2014

It's awards season once again and Earl Terry Kemp profiles some works that are eligible for various Hugo Award categories.

Friday Fanzine: Big Sky 2

Big Sky 2 - a part genzine, part perzine, part sercon and part fannish fanzine- this issue devoted to the Pulps!