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REWIND: Interview with SFWA Grand Master Michael Moorcock

The eternal champion returns

Review: Swords of Steel from DMR Books

Swords of Steel is a heavy metal anthology that takes us back to the art of traditional fantasy storytelling by painting heroes and villains as dark as the realms they inhabit.

Judging More Books by Their Covers: The Silver Warriors

Judging books by their covers is made more difficult when the book in question has two titles as does Michael Moorcock's The Silver Warriors

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 4

A few recommendations from some of the greatest minds in the industry of what you should be reading.

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Michael Moorcock

Interview with Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master Michael Moorcock who helped shape the Science Fiction industry.

The Dancers At the Edge of Chaos (Part 3)

Once more into the Multiverse, dear friends...,