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Mathieu Gaborit

A profile of the french author Mathieu Gaborit

Epic Fantasy Analysis September 09, 2013

Time once again to take a closer look at the Amazon's Epic Fantasy Bestseller list for the Kindle.

Epic Fantasy Analysis August 18, 2013

Traditional publishing continues to dominate with 56% of the books published through that route. Self-publishing still is doing well with nearly 40%. Small press and Amazon titles makes up very few of the overall list.

Hayao Miyazaki and Epic Fantasy

Since taking on this blogging position, I have been struggling to find works that would appeal to the audience that Amazing Stories has, particularly...

Epic Fantasy Analysis April 8, 2013

This is the sixth in the series and is from data as of 4/08/2013. Links to review previous data: 01/03/2013 01/24/2013 02/17/2013 03/03/2013 03/14/2013 As always this data comes from the...

The Impossibility of Escaping the Palm of Buddha’s Hand

"Mortal, you have angered Shaka-sama and now Pigsy will eat your face." This is one of the improbable lines that is never spoken in the foundational saga of Buddhist fiction. Many other improbable lines are. Further out on the improbability spectrum: Shingo Katori costumes up as a monkey.

What You Will Find Here

Since January 2nd of 2013, members of the Amazing Stories blog team (you'll find them all listed under Staff where you can learn more...

On Genre Diversity, or ‘Why Mark Charan Newton was Right’

A couple of years ago, Mark Charan Newton, author of Nights of Villjamur and Drakenfeld, as he's wont to do, stirred some feathers when...