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Amazing Histories, December 1926: Moon-Men and Murders

Amazing Stories closes out its first year of publication with excerpts from novels by H. G. Wells and Garrett O. Serviss, and much, much more.

Next Generation Readers and the Future of Fandom

What are our kids reading these days? The next generation of fandom may be in for quite a surprise from a literary perspective.

Review: The Tell-Tale Heart Graphic Novel

The graphic novelization of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart retold by Benjamin Harper and illustrated by Dennis Calero provides readers with a new look at an old classic. Even the most dedicated fan will be impressed.

BERNHARDT J. HURWOOD, an unsung Hero of my Childhood.

Poe was too dry and Lovecraft was too trippy for my 10 year old soul, but Mr. Hurwood hit the spot, scratched the itch, tripped my trigger and blew my gaskets!

What You Will Find Here

Since January 2nd of 2013, members of the Amazing Stories blog team (you'll find them all listed under Staff where you can learn more...

A Defining Moment for Science Fiction

The word Science Fiction is recognizable to the average fan, but the definition can be indistinguishable from other genre and cause confusion. Perhaps from the standpoint of the fandom, this vague categorization is by design and allows readers to broaden their focus.

The Classics: Edgar Allen Poe

I don’t intend here to eulogize Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) but to discuss some of the contributions he made to the areas of Horror,...