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Novedades de Septiembre en Hispanoamérica

New Spanish language books, magazines, films and events

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

New and current Latin American genre from magazines to film and just about everything in between

Novedades de Octubre

Calls for submissions, new magazine editions and new releases

Novedades de Septiembre en Hispanoamérica

New releases in espanol

Novedades de Junio

Axxon magazine plans to reissue, and several new novels and collections have been released by Peruvian Presses

Artículos Populares de Marzo

A March roundup, in which Amazing Stories is prominent, numerous reviews are written and film and fandom are discussed.

Novedades de Marzo

Several new releases, an interview and new comic issues

De Razas y Sexos Pasando por Gente que Parece no Tener...

Tanya Tynjala takes on sexism in Spanish fandom.

De mangas y libros, pasando por problemas de traducción y la...

It is a pity that many things get lost in translation and not necessarily because the translator is bad, but because cultural differences do not allow us to understand what happens.

Interview with Award Winning Finnish Graphic Artist Petri Hiltunen

A dual-language interview with Finnish cartoonist and comic artist Petri Hiltunen

Confesiones de Carlos M. Federici

An interview with Carlos M. Federici: "“They tell me that I am a member of the human species, specifically an inhabitant of Montevideo, Uruguay."

Novedades de Septiembre en Hispanoamérica

a roundup of new Spanish language releases

Post Más Populares de Junio

Tanya rounds up the past months' offerings in translation.

Novedades de Noviembre en Latinoamérica

ARGENTINA “Legión”, la primera novela gráfica de Salvador Sanz ha sido reeditada por el sello OVNI Press. Según los expertos ésta es la obra más...

Top Post de Octubre en Amazing Stories

Libros Hubo muchas reseñas de libros el mes pasado. Gary Dalkin reseña la colección de 10 historias Feast and Famine: Book Review – Feast and Famine...

Fan Fotos

Troy Boyle's illustrations of David Gerrold's forthcoming comic - A Doctor for the Enterprise