Embracing Dragon Age’s Source Material

(The game’s) unvoiced goal is to revive the old days of role playing games. As much as it can, it attempts to cop the vibe of classic titles like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, Dungeons and Dragons based properties

Poor Execution Leads Elysium to its Death

One of my first annoyances was that the entire film seemed like Mass Effect fan fiction. From Elysium and the robots, to the soldier’s exoskeletons and even the font-type used on the space station, it seemed like a Bioware rip-off.

10 Reasons to return to Mass Effect 3

Though I’m normally enthusing about my love of SF TV entertainment, today I’m going off on a tangent and revealing my other love; computer games. My favourite, and by far the most played, is the Mass Effect Trilogy. Mass Effect 3 has already ended and you may be scouring the web for any hint of […]

Top Ten Best Star Wars Computer Games of All Time

Pull the blinds and turn off the phone, it’s time to head to the Game Room and lock in on some hardcore meta-gaming action.  In the Game Room we will explore the world of gaming in all its many incarnations, while lingering over that corner of the meta-verse where games and literature converge.  Bust out […]