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Steve is continuing his very granular, spoiler-filled description and review of James Cameron’s Aliens, arguably one of the few sequels that’s as good as, or possibly better than, the original movie. Steve thinks it’s possibly even better. What about you?

Review: MAD Spoofs Star Wars and other SCI-FI

MAD Spoofs Star Wars and other SCI-FI offers a lot to talk about without spoiling anything that may still be in the theaters.

Too Long After – A Time Limit On Sequels & Prequels?

How long after is too long? Returning to a great original is fraught with difficulties at any time, but the more time goes by, the more the problems compound.

David Fincher’s Alien 3, and What It Can Teach Us

According to my extensive academic research over at Wikipedia this afternoon, the third installment in Fox’s Alien Quadrilogy (’Cause why use the word tetralogy, right? What a...