Naked Thor, Pooh covered in gore, Harley Quinn becomes Barbie, Stranger Things get “trigger” warning…what’s happening in our world of entertainment? Read on to find out!

A Rongorongo from Rapa Nui may hold the key to a lost language

Volkswagon commercial from 1969

Mercedes Lackey announcement(s) and discussion

George Miller comments on the possible future of superheroes

Steven Barnes asked for commentary on a new typeface designed with neurodivergent readers in mind.  (I like it…seems to work)

More commentary on SFWA

Announcing that VCon 2022-2024 will happen

Atwood’s publicity “borrows” from a Bradbury promotion

Hmmm.  Is “Naked Thor” an indication that superhero films may have to start jumping sharks?

Game Workers unionize for the first time

The next Mission Impossible trailer (has anyone else realized that after the first mission was successful, the title of the show no longer applies?) (On the other hand “Mission: Really Tough and Dangerous But Do-Able” probably didn’t work well with test audiences.)

Latest Westercon Progress Report Published

Crimes of the Future, Cronenberg’s latest, earns walk outs and standing O at Cannes

Don’t say gay law cleverly circumvented by Valedictorian

Vandermeer on LeGuin and climate change

Hubble still delivers:  Sombrero Galaxy

Soylent Green may be people, but so are octopi, according to UK court

Willow trailer

Move Over Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, here comes Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

Stranger Things episodes now accompanied by trigger warning

Not only is Margot Robbie Harley Quinn, now she’s Barbie too!

Black Holes sound really scary, according to NASA

Interview with GRRM (paywall)

New theory on the drying of Mars.  

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