Interplanetary probes, good new for credentials, bioluminescent poop and, if that ain’t enough, more in this week’s news roundup

Buzz Dixon charts a gospel for science fiction

Michelle Yeoh about Everything

America’s First Science Fiction Writer (stick “proto” in there and you’ll be getting closer to reality)

Comb Jelly Poop is Luminous!

Right-Wing Textbooks are “embarrassingly stupid”  (and this is surprising because…?)

Facts:  A compilation of the “gender balance” at World Science Fiction Conventions from 1939 to 1960.  And please note:  we are NOT making a statement, nor a judgment regarding these numbers, their implications or ramifications, we are merely the messenger passing on factual data.  (H/T Gary Farber)

Probing Uranus has become a top priority.  (Heh.  He said “probe”.)

Wonder Woman Director fired?

Jim Crow and SF Convention attendance

Martian Eclipse video 

Can we really store spent radioactive fuel rods for 100,000 years?  Finland says “Yes” (we think…”maybe”)

Because we know a science fiction figure who this same thing essentially happened to, we thought this appropriate (the phone maker needs to make a commercial similar to that American Tourister commercial with the gorrilla) (and yes, it was probably as gross as it sounds, especially considering that the individual in question was immediately taken to the hospital, probably for a long round of preventative antibiotics….) (there.  that ought to get you to click.)

SJW Credentials Rejoice!  De-Clawing banned in Maryland

Apparently, literature is not the only art form that suffers from Ageism.


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