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Digging The Crates Vol. II

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Digging The Crates, where we strive to find the best, most brilliant, most deranged and inspired that the horror genre has to offer. It’s been a busy couple of weeks; your humble cryptkeeper has gotten himself a graveyard shift cooking hamburgers and nachos (all the better to go […]

Oh the Hugos, Ahh the Hugos, Ewww The Hugos

Every year, the Hugo Awards -presented by the World Science Fiction Association at its annual event, Worldcon – are announced amidst much internet and real-world coverage and every year the announcement is immediately followed by endorsement and denunciation, comparison and contrast, finger pointing, preening, accusation, denial, explanation and exposition. One thing is clear:  a lot […]

I Was A Teenaged Bibliophile

For years, pierre’s life was ordered around comics etc. First he couldn’t live without the Amazing Spider man and the FF, Tom Swift, Tarzan, then it was the most obscure Cthuluh Mythos story, and later missing paperbacks that later could be found with a simple Google search. It all began innocently enough… I Was a […]