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FEATURED ARTICLE:  Worldconned:  How China Co-Opted Sci-Fi’s Crown Jewel Amidst the Uyghur Genocide (by Danielle Ranucci for the Human Rights Foundation). We’re proud of the fact that this article includes citations for several posts on the subject that were published by Amazing Stories.

ETA:  Hugo Awards Finalist Voting Records Released

Just in time for winter – an artificial glacier in the desert

New Release:  Daniel Arneson announces the impending release of Earth of Gold and Light

Included for Release: Glynn Owen Barrass announces her Skyfall Forest will be included in Shadowed Realms: The 2022 Indie Dark Fiction Anthology

Old(er) Release:  Steven Barnes wants to remind everyone that The Eightfold Path is still available

MAY be Released:  A list of what’s happening in the future of  your favorite streaming shows

Never to be Released:  Director blows series funds on personal items

Shouldn’t Have Been Released:  SI  publishes articles written by AI

Baby Spiders Released:  Man has spider eggs in his toe

Famous Spider Released:  Spider Robinson announced as GoH for Loscon 50

Glows in the Dark? Sandra Bond announces and releases the first issue of TAFFlouresence!, the TAFF newsletter

Last Tango  in Space: Sagittarius A* spins really fast and is dragging space-time with it

Ned Brooks’ Fanzine Index

Dance of the Planets:  “Pristine” planetary system with all planets in orbital resonance  discovered

The Perfect Definition:  If you’ve ever wondered what Fandom is really all about here is ABSOLUTE proof that all wisdom can be found in Fanzines: What Did Alfred Bester Think of Perry Como? 

Susan Pawlick has been inducted into the Nevada Writer’s Hall of Fame and here’s the proof

A History of Borders Books

Fallout Teaser Trailer

Doug Ellis wants you to check out these catalogs for his latest Vintage SF Art Sale

The Author’s Licensing and Collecting Society has released a statement on Ai

What Kylo Ren was thinking when he killed Han Solo

Dodo De-extinction:  Scientists looking to bring the flightless bird back

You know, if scientists wouldn’t keep looking, they wouldn’t keep getting their theories upended by new data:  Massive planet orbiting tiny star upends planetary formation theories

Anthrobots:  Robots from living cells

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