AMAZING NEWS: 10/15/23

Astronomers find evidence of life’s building blocks on Europa

The Writer’s Guild vs AI

Things are getting worse – Cory Doctorow says so

Awful Truths of the Book Publishing Industry

Astronaut tests out “2001” style velcro shoes on the ISS

Nick Mamatas announces Christmas and Other Horrors anthology edited by Ellen Datlow

Mr. Spock guests on The Carol Burnett Show

Astronomers may have found asteroids comprised of “super heavy” elements

A History of Solar Storms

Take a look at the asteroid sample

Michael F. Flynn passes

Star Trek Prodigy goes to Netflix

Japanese company unveils giant industrial mech Archax

Blast from the past:  Filk & Folk Flyer from way too long ago

Psyche mission to a metal asteroid launches

Research unveils paint on Greek statues

Advances in prosthetics create a bionic hand

Librarians are Heroes:  Library saves thousands of books with “fake” library card

Engineer has issues with self-driving cars

Meet the SF authors bringing Peru to Chengdu

Go inside the robot-maker’s lab with these photos from A Rivet of Robots

Paul Levinson announces nomination for a Sidewise Award

Without Foundation, there would be no Star Wars….

Taral Wayne shares a bit of “Noir”

A different take on “Time Bureaus”


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