AMAZING NEWS: 7/2/23: Pre 4TH of JULY Edition

More on the “Stan Lee Debate”

The Best of World SF 3 has been released

If an AI could design shoes, and that AI was then hired to create the costumes for Broadway Musicals, maybe some of those shoes might look like these (submitted by Ruby Kapture)

Clarkesworld is now available online, and a new issue has been released

New study of solar system formation suggests ours is “rare”

Michael Bishop enters hospice care:  Ad Astra!

Sheila Gilbert, long time editor, retires

Insects swarm NYC (too bad they are  giant ATOMIC insects)

Worldcon announces Hugo Award Finalists will be announced soon.  Then announces that there will be a delay.

Virgin Galactic takes passengers really close to space (they could almost touch it, if you could touch it)

Ancient ‘stabby’ thing still shiny after 3000 years

Ringo got it wrong.  It’s not a garden, it’s an octopus’ nursery

Free Scalzi story for Prime Members

Ted Chiang interview on AI

SFWA on author safety at small events


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