The Big Idea: Piper J. Drake

People are a mish-mash of where they or their ancestors have come from, and where they are now (among, of course, many other things). But as Piper J. Drake makes clear in this Big Idea for Wings at Once Cursed and Bound, these elements of who were are are often in unexpected combinations… and may leave us wanting to know more.


What does it mean to know who you are? The heroine of Wings Once Cursed and Bound – Peeraphan, or Punch for short – is a Thai American woman in present-day Seattle who has grown up as a human with a blend of Thai and US culture. Her family, her friends, and her mentors are all human. But she knows that she is not.

Peeraphan is kinnaree, a Thai bird princess, a being of myth and magic from legends most people have forgotten. To learn about herself as a kinnaree, all she has are a few folktales and legends, passed down through generations by word of mouth.

That’s not a lot to go on…

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