Republicans don’t get comics:  A Florida Representative (big surprise) compares transgender people to “mutants” like the “X-Men”.

Margot Robbie didn’t think the Barbie movie could be made – the script was too good.  Mini Editorial:  Yes, I know.  I have a “thing” for Margot.  But event despite that, I am  going to declare that the Barbie movie is decidedly Genre.  Dolls are alive and step into the real world.  How can it not be?

New York is reintroducing the police version of Boston Dynamic’s Spot.

We like recursion in SF, yes?  Someone tasked an AI program with destroying humanity.  It tried to comply.

Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us) discussing the first season’s ending.

Teaser for The Penguin, sequel to The Batman

Volunteer artist wanted for the cover of Queering Fantastika special issue for Fantastika Journal.

Maurizio Manzieri will be presenting at Starcon Italia 2023

Go HERE to watch SpaceX launch Starship for its first suborbital test flight (Monday, 8 to 10 AM EDT.)

Hoo Boy:  Yet another opinion piece on how awful Heinlein was.  And yet again, it tiptoes past anything and everything in his works that would contradict their contentions.

Here’s a good one:  The NAACP has issued a travel advisory against travel to Florida.  (We see this article because we live in a Democratic Republic that affords its citizens rights – unlike some countries you might not want to travel to.)

A discussion (in Spanish) between Gustavo E. Romero y Nicolás Pérez about 2001: A Space Odyssey

A rant, About TikTok and the leak of sensitive information from the Pentagon.  “We have members of Congress who are older than television!”)

An illo of 50s SF Movie “Monsters”

The Guardian rounds up reviews of the best recent Science Fiction

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki shares the TOC for Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction (& Poetry) Volume 2

Another great idea: to demonstrate what colonialism is like, a Nigerian explorer has just announced the discovery of a lake in England.

Retro News:  Richard Graeme Cameron notes that Polar Borealis and Polar Starlight are now read in 106 countries.

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