The Big Idea: Jane Yolen

This Big Idea, for Jane Yolen’s new book The Scarlet Circus, tangentially involves me! In, I must admit, a pretty flattering way.


I have loved John Scalzi, his work, and his Big Idea column for many years. I even wrote a bunch of stuff for him along the way. But in the manner of fantasy and fairy and romance fiction, there is no real reason for going any further than stating that. There was, alas, no romance, not even a small slightly off-color pun between us.

But if he had been a jinn or an alien or a time traveler . . . the kind you can find in my stories, well then, our love affair might have made it into my newest book, The Scarlet Circus, stories and poems about fantasy (and science fictional) love.

So, perhaps he might at least have made it into the footnotes or one of the poems in the back. Alas, the hour of our NON-romance has passed (although I have to say that I am newly remarried after fifteen years of widowhood, and all Scalzi has to show for it is this small post in his Big Idea column)…

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