Researchers Find 17-Pound Meteorite During Antarctica Expedition

The team—which consists of geochemists Maria Schönbächler, Vinciane Debaille, and Ryoga Maeda as well as cosmochemist Maria Valdes—began their Antarctic expedition in December. When they returned in mid-January, it was with five meteorites, including one that weighs a whopping 16.7 pounds.

Despite it being summertime in Antarctica, temperatures sat around 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius) throughout the expedition. But for those who are willing to brave such a climate in a remote environment, Antarctica makes for a perfect meteorite hunting site. Low precipitation means space artifacts face less erosion from water; in a sense, they’re preserved by the icy desert. Finding the meteorites is easier, too, since their dark surfaces contract with the bright, snowy ground….


Source: Researchers Find 17-Pound Meteorite During Antarctica Expedition

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