A Treat Today for All Science Fiction Fans on Amazing Stories

Today, Amazing Stories Online returns to something resembling its orginal publishing schedule, featuring not one, not two, not three but FIVE articles on subjects near and dear to the hearts of Fen!

Kicking off the day at 11 am EST (why then?  This scheduling gives most of the WORLD an opportunity to read these articles during a reasonable time frame:  The west coast has a breakfast read, the rest of the US a lunchtime read, most of Europe an after work read, and the rest of the world various reads but essentially 12 hours later.  That’s the reasoning, anyway) we have a review of multiple genre-related cookbooks by Veronica Scott, the Queen of SF Romance, just in time for your Holiday cooking needs.

Cooking is followed by a review of a Peruvian SF anthology by Tanya Tynjala (Spanish Language Editor) that proves that yes, indeed,  they write Science Fiction in Peru!

Next up, cover-artist Michael Dean Jackson turns a somewhat jaundiced eye towards the many worlds of Star Trek, asking “is a “Star Trek for everyone” a good thing?

R. Graeme Cameron brings things back home to Canada (Amazing Stories is VERY Canadian) with a review of the long-running Canadian SF Magazine Neo-Opsis and

finally, Steve Fahnestalk, ex-pat Fan and husband to the Maker of Bots, Lynne Fahnestalk, delivers a review of those other SF films from the late 50s (you know, the ones you went to see after watching This Island Earth in the theater and thinking that they would be just as good!)


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