New Release Day! CENTS OF WONDER – Science Fiction’s First Award Winners Anthology Now Available

Here’s our cover, which we consider to be kick-ass! It depicts an award that consist of a stylized Spaceship and Sun, imagery that reflects the description(s) of numerous galactic empire sigils.

And here’s the whole cover, front and back:

Here’s that blurby back cover copy in case you can’t read the text on the image:


For The First Time Anywhere!


Pulled straight from the pages of the leading magazines of
their age, 14 stories by the woman and the men whose
imagination, creativity and scientific acumen helped define
the genre that would become known as

Science Fiction

Between 1926 and 1930 Hugo Gernsback hosted the science fiction field’s inaugural writing contests, first in Amazing Stories, and then again in Science Wonder Stories, the genre’s first two magazines devoted entirely to the publication of scientifiction tales. These are the authors whose tales of wonder and speculation inspired the writers you’re more familiar with, writers such as Asimov, Bradbury, Le Guin, Heinlein, Brackett, Moore and others. Before there was science fiction, before there were Fans, before conventions, before comics, before cosplay, these fourteen pioneers stepped off into the unknown of imagination and helped entire generations learn to willingly suspend their disbelief, engage their sense of wonder and take off for the stars! And they won awards for it!


And here’s the official contents:

Cents Of Wonder

Science Fiction’s First Award Winners

Introduction: Lost Tales of Forgotten Writers by ALLEN STEELE

That Sense of Wonder Feeling by STEVE DAVIDSON

Part One

The Amazing Stories Cover Story Prize Contest

December, 1926 – April, 1927

Hugo Gernsback and Amazing Stories Magazine by STEVE DAVIDSON

$500.00 Prize Story Contest by HUGO GERNSBACK

The $500 Cover Prize Contest by HUGO GERNSBACK

1st Place – The Visitation by CYRIL G. WATES

2nd Place – The Electronic Wall by GEO. R. FOX

3rd Place – The Fate Of The Poseidonia by CLARE WINGER HARRIS

1st Honorable Mention – The Ether Ship Of Oltor by S. MAXWELL CODER

2nd Honorable Mention – The Voice from the Inner World by A. HYATT VERRILL

3rd Honorable Mention – The Lost Continent by CECIL B. WHITE..185

4th Honorable Mention – The Gravitomobile by D. B. MCCRAY

So Who Are These Authors And What Have They Done For Me Lately? Part One by STEVE DAVIDSON

Part Two

The Science Wonder Stories Cover Story Prize Contest

November, 1929 – April 1930

Science Wonder Stories and Hugo Gernsback by STEVE DAVIDSON

$300.00 Prize Story Contest by HUGO GERNSBACK

The Results Of The $300.00 Prize Contest by HUGO GERNSBACK

1st Place – The Color of Space by CHARLES R. TANNE

2nd Place – The Relics From The Earth by JOHN PIERCE

3rd Place – The Manuscript . . Found In The Desert by FRANK J. BRUECKEL, JR

4th Place – Raiders From Space by HAROLD A. LOWER

1st Honorable Mention – Cosmic Trash by BOB OLSEN

2nd Honorable Mention – The Day of Judgment by VICTOR A. ENDERSBY

3rd Honorable Mention – The Menace From the Skies by A. G. STANGLAND

So Who Are These Authors And What Have They Done For Me Lately? Part Two by STEVE DAVIDSON

Some Notes and Observations Regarding These Stories by STEVE

And here are the illustrations that were used for the contests:

Amazing Stories December 1926………………………………………………………… Science Wonder Stories November 1929

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