How Long Does It Take an SF Award to Reach Its Recipients?
Jonathan Cowie: A recent possible record could be the SF2 Concatenation’s website 2012 Eurocon Award voted on by those at the European SF Society’s convention which, that year, was held in Bulgaria. None of SF2 Concatenation crew were at that convention

Cats Sleep on SFF: Reginald Bretnor
Joachim Boaz, creator of Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations: Reviews of Vintage Science Fiction (1945-1985), shows his cat Margo beside an influential work of early science fiction scholarship, Modern Science Fiction: Its Meaning and Its Future edited by Reginald

Bob Madle (1920-2022)
By Curt Phillips. I am deeply sorry to report that we’ve lost Bob Madle. A phone call from his daughter Jane this afternoon informs me that Bob died peacefully in his sleep Saturday evening, October 8, 2022. He was 102.

Pixel Scroll 10/15/22 Scrolls Are The Lycantropic Form Of Pixels
AND YOU ARE THERE. Eleven years ago today at Capclave this happened – “Terry Pratchett Capclave Interview”. (2) GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD. Lincoln Michel advises writers how to balance “Understanding the Reader Without Pandering to the Reader”

KSR and F. Scott Fitzgerald
By Mark Roth-Whitworth: I was at the 2022 F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival in Rockville, MD today. If you’re wondering why the festival is there, that’s where Fitzgerald and his wife are buried. Now, I’d never read any of Fitzgerald`s

Review: Maple and Vine
By Martin Morse Wooster: I once read an article about a guy who was determined to live life in 1912. He lived in a shack in the woods, bought a lot of old clothes, a Victrola, and a slew of

Pixel Scroll 10/14/22 The Sky Was Full Of Scrolls
DANGER MAN. Max Gladstone holds forth about “The Wolfeman” at The Third Place. Gene Wolfe is a tricky writer to discuss. For a certain type of reader (generally but not exclusively a reader of science fiction), he is The

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask #68: Two 2022 Hugo Award Finalists Walk Into a Bookstore…
By Chris M. Barkley: Last weekend, I was in the Cincinnati branch of Joseph Beth Booksellers (my last place of full-time employment and one of the best independent bookstores in America) to buy copies of Heat 2 by Michael Mann

SF Museum Exhibition
By Jonathan Cowie: The Science Museum (that’s the world famous one in Kensington, London) has just launched a new exhibit on what Carl Sagan once mused (though not mentioned in the exhibit itself) science fiction and science’s ‘dance’. SF2 Concatenation

Pixel Scroll 10/13/22 What About Their Pixels? They Don’t Need Those!
Today is Scroll Lite because at 8:40 a.m. the manager of a tree trimming crew banged on my door to tell me they were going to work on the big tree across the driveway from where I live, and

Chicon 8 Updates 2022 Hugo Longlist to Credit Translators and Comics Creative Team Members
S. Qiouyi Lu today published a “Request for the Hugo Awards to include translators, interior artists, colorists, letterers, and cover artists in the annual long list tabulation”, which has prompted Chicon 8 to issue a revised 2022 Hugo longlist. …I

TAFF Taking Nominations for 2023 Race
The 2023 TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) Race is now officially open for nominations. With no Worldcon in Europe or North America in 2023, the next delegate will travel to Pemmi-con 2023, the NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention) in Winnipeg,

Rhapsodies “Across The Stars” …Celebrating John Williams
By Steve Vertlieb: After nearly dying a little more than a decade ago during and just after major open heart surgery, I fulfilled one of the major dreams of my life…meeting the man who would become my last living life

Pixel Scroll 10/12/22 The Filer Mode Of Clever Is Pixole
TAKES FOUR. Nancy Kress told Facebook readers what qualities a writer needs to have: In a recent interview that I was recording for my and Robert Lanza’s forthcoming novel, Observer, the interviewer asked, “What qualities do you think

A Living Time Machine: Bob Madle
By Rich Lynch: There have been many times, during my nearly 50 years in science fandom, that I have wondered what it must have been like to been a member of the very earliest fan organizations. To have attended the

Tomeka Reid Receives MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant
The 25 recipients of the 2022 MacArthur Foundation grants announced today include Tomeka Reid, a jazz cellist, composer, and improviser creating a unique jazz sound that draws from a range of musical traditions. Reid forged a genre connection as part

Sergei Lukianenko Hails Attacks on Ukrainian Civilian Targets
Russian sff author Sergei Lukianenko celebrated the October 10 mass attack on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure in a social media post. As translated by Ukranian fan Boris Sydiuk, he said: “Finally, I wish it would be so in February,

Review: Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles
Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles (2019), Edited by Michael A. Ventrella and Randee Dawn (FantasticBooks). 280 pages. Hardcover $25.99, Trade paperback $15.99, E-book $7.99. By Lee Weinstein: The idea of an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories

Robert Allen (Bob) Madle (June 2, 1920 — October 8, 2022)
Introduction by John L. Coker III: Today I received a telephone call from Jane Madle (Bob Madle’s daughter). She was very sad to report that Bob died this past Saturday, October 8th. Jane said that Bob had been in generally pretty good

Pixel Scroll 10/11/22 Make Room Party, Make Room Party
YOU WILL SCORE BETWEEN ZERO AND 2001. [Item by David Goldfarb.] LearnedLeague just had a One-Day Special quiz on the movie and novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can find the questions here. Be warned that if you haven’t seen

Stephen King’s Fairy Tale: Worth The Read. Another Dern Not-Quite-A-Review
By Daniel Dern. For many years now, Jane Yolen, among others, has been researching, teaching, writing, and panelling the dark pre-Disney roots of fairy tales. In Fairy Tale, his newest novel, Stephen King delivers a, cough, grimm contemporary story, explicitly

Pixel Scroll 10/10/22 I Demand Satisfaction. Pixels At Dawn
ASKING ABOUT BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACES IN SF. Prof. Brendan Allison has a question, and File 770 has volunteered to try and crowdsource the answer: I am an academic researcher in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). I’m writing a book

Emails From Lake Woe-Is-Me — Fit the Forty-Ninth
[Introduction: Melanie Stormm continues her humorous series of posts about the misdirected emails she’s been getting. Stormm is a multiracial writer who writes fiction, poetry, and audio theatre. Her novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End is available through Candlemark &

Celebrating Boris Karloff at Halloween
By Steve Vertlieb: Boris Karloff remains the definition and symbol of cinema’s classic age of “Horror.” He was a gentle giant who charmed children of all ages, while thrilling their parents in beloved tales of classic terror. The


2023 Andrew Carnegie Medals Longlist
The longlist for the 2023 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction announced October 11 features forty-three books (22 fiction, 21 nonfiction). The complete list is here. Longlisted fiction works of genre interest include: The School for Good

Prix Utopiales 2022 Winners Revealed
The 2022 winners of the Prix Utopiales and Prix Utopiales Jeunesse were announced October 13. PRIX UTOPIALES The Prix Utopiales recognizes a novel, or a collection, published in French during the eligibility period by a European author. The prize has a cash

2021 Kitschies Awards
The 2021 Kitschies Award winners were announced in a virtual ceremony on October 12. A total of £2,000 in prize money goes to the winners, and each receives one of the prize’s iconic Tentacle trophies. The awards are given to “the year’s

Octavia Butler Wins Forry Award
Author Octavia Butler was voted the 2022 Forrest J Ackerman Award for Lifetime Achievement by the members of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society at their October 6 meeting. The Forrest J Ackerman or Forry Award has been given by the


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