Special Double Catching Up Edition

Flash – still on, may be running from controversy

Yes, global warming IS making us sicker

Prey first to feature all Native American cast

Mike Walsh (Old Earth Books) reminds us:  Typewriters don’t get malware.  Jammed ribbons and keys, yes.  Malware, no.  (And they still work during power outages

Something rarely seen:  German WWII POWs watch films of the Holocaust.  Mini Editorial:  Being Jewish, I was raised on an education of Never Again!, but until this post, I was never told that they made German POWs witness it as well.  Wish I had.

Where to Star Gaze in the US

Anyone who enjoys a scary breakfast – rejoice!  Count Chocula and friends are back!

2001:  A Movie becomes 2001:  A VR Walkthru

Star Wars:  Larry

AI Art Can Not Be Copyrighted!

Brown Dwarf Discovered by JWST.  (NOT a Tolkein thing!)

Cait Coker pissed about unauthorized and Evangelicacized performance of Hamilton

From Prey to Pilgrims:  Native Americans say pilgrim museum is disrespectful

Big Bird (and Grover, we’re looking at YOU!) ordered to get diversity training

NYT Editorial weighs in on publishing merger

Subsurface Martian Water, now in convenient 8 ounce bottles

DNA Study identifies location of Eden (or, at least the place where people came from.  Maybe.)

Some suggest that data from JWST undermines the Big Bang Theory.  (Sheldon has not yet weighed in)

Artist John Picacio praises GRRM for his support of Rushdie

110 years ago, this newspaper squib clearly predicted our current reality.  (It has been fact checked as legit.  Which means, humans, as a species, are lazy and stupid.)

Yes, this IS an actual thing:  someone made prosthetic legs for snakes.

Imagine finding an entire underground city in your basement.  This guy did.

Bibles banned from school libraries.  Texas lawmakers hoisted on their own petards!  (Sadly, no image available.)

Unusual muscle injury afflicts She Hulk actor during filming

Hooboy.  Gaming company acquires rights to JRR Tolkein tales

First Native American Woman to go to space

Apple Users!!!  Warning Regarding Security Vulnerability on your Apple Devices

Rick Rather would rather be building Ringworlds than just about anything else.

This mission is self-funded and will look for life in Venus’ clouds

Here’s your chance to name an Exoplanet

Snoopy and Crash Dummies will make the first Artemis trip around the Moon

The number of Orca attacks on small boats near Gibraltar are on the increase.  (I think they are working with the Google AI.)

Writing Workshops  (need more proof that science fiction leans left?)


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