Samuel “Chip” Delany writes about Roger Zelazny

Legal ways to Blackmail Lawmakers – legal, but creepy

Explanation for why the Far Side of the Moon is on the Far Side (Actually, no.  Why it is so cratered, maybe yes)

Cop stops  driverless car.  Should have used Robocop

9 Exo Planets That are in the Goldilocks Zone  (one of them is only 4 light years away)

Unicorn Book being censored

Rog Phillips comments on the then upcoming 7th Worldcon

Ironheart, MCU Film, gets a producer

This list of “nearly perfect films” has a lot of genre in it

Spin Launch tech to be tested by NASA

Ruh Roh “Biggest Comet Ever” spotted

If you dislike “work culture”  watch this movie

“Very Trans” Dr. Who spinoff coming

All Out Avengers series coming

TNG Animated Series

Post Apocalyptic Art

Heinlein in South America  doing “research”

SLS Fuel Leak Aborts Test

From the “This is why we think so many US citizens are uneducated idiots” department:  Lawmaker praises Hitler’s work ethic

Sliders guy offers mea culpas to TNG guy

Mystery Sarcophagus from under Notre Dame to be opened

Scientists getting desperate and arrested protesting against climate change enablers


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