Zendaya rocks the red carpet, Michelle Yeoh in new trailer, the biggest space telescope of all time is on its way, reality may not be all that real, you’ll miss 25 minutes of The Expanse, and much more today in Amazing News!

Note:  Some news items appear from last week’s roundup which was not published


WEBB LAUNCHES!  The James Webb Space Telescope successfully launched from the ESA’s French Guiana facility and is currently traveling to its L2 destination.

New theory suggests none of this is real (maybe WEBB will offer clues)

Real World political machinations start to look like something Norman Spinrad or Alexis Gilliland would have included in their stories:  Gov Newsome proposes new law mirroring anti-abortion legislation (and it makes sense!) (Editorially, we think this officially a “Freakin Brilliant” move)

Red Carpet Cosplay:  Zendaya goes webby for Spider-Man premiere

Trailer starring Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once

The Convention History Project aims to cover the history of conventions (somehow without a chapter titled “Dave Kyle Says You Can’t Sit Here”) Video

Desmond Tutu has passed

Another in our continuing series of “This is Why We Can’t Have Good Things”:  Third graders encouraged to reenact scenes from the Holocaust including masds graves and gas chambers.  This serves to illustrate what happens when we don’t effectively remember our past;  it is no coincidence that as Holocaust survivors, those with first-hand experience, pass on, these kinds of things are increasingly common because we are forgetting the horror.

There is a Mime(graph) Users Group on Facebook.  (FYI:  I’d have told you sooner but had to get the ink off of my fingers first.)

Cool Science: Hand-arranged diatoms, the whole thing no larger wider a pencil lead, make up this smallest of all Holiday Greeting Cards!  (From Tom Kaye, citizen scientist and paintballer)

Some unusual model kits of robots and “space” suits

Is ROSCOSMOS close to collapse?

If at first you do succeed (in intimidation) try, try, try intimidating more:  Having succeeded against school libraries, Texas groups are now going after public libraries

GOTG Awesome Mix Tape 2021 Released by James Gunn

Perry Middlemiss recommends the Love, Death & Robots production of J.G. Ballard’s “How Interesting: A Drowned Giant Man”* (actually Ballard wrote The Drowned Giant.  It was Ellison who wrote “How Interresting: A Tiny Man”.)

If you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss out on 25 minutes of The Expanse‘ final season

These people disagree with Kim Stanley Robinson:  we need to go to the stars


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