Wildside Press announces a sequel for Frozen Hell

US Church membership falls below 50% of population for the first time (suggesting that there may be hope for us yet)

Why Mentats?

If you’ve been thinking about this movie

Glasgow in 2024!

Ansible (close to, but not in Glasgow) November 2021 issue

Malcolm was right – life will find a way (Condors born through parthenogenesis)

Mark Hempsell writes about future histories

Access issues affect everyone – even Energy Ministers

New Allen Steele release

New Physics?  The LHC says Maybe.

Steven H Silver edits Journey Planet

Is Dune a white savior trope?

Data plays Wheel of Fortune

“Q” followers travel to Texas to meet resurrected JFK (remind me again as to why anyone is writing fiction these days)

Space Tacos

In not so many words, even the New Yorker thinks Foundation sucks

Interview with author Aurelie Wellenstein

SFWA’s 38th Grand Master is Mercedes Lackey

What happens to science fiction if and when the science itself changes?

Discon III cartoon


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