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    1. recovering – thank you for asking.

      Not being allowed to lift more than 5 lbs at a time is a MAJOR issue when you are in the midst of moving, but I managed (with help, by breaking loads down into smaller units: example – had to get clean laundry up the basement stairs so, one laundry basket (less than 5 lbs) in the middle of the stair case, one at the dryer kicked along the floor, individual items thrown from the bottom of the stairs to the basked in the middle. Basket at the bottom of the stairs carried to the top of the stairs and laundry again trown from the middle to the top.
      Everything takes longer or requires assistance (that is not always available) and frustrating at times, but I’m managing.
      Follow-up appointment at the end of the month and will no doubt report, in too much detail in too many words, what they tell me.

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