New US Quarters honoring women; Lone Wolf Cam; new Panspermia theory; Competitive Book Sorting (yes, a real thing) and more this week in Amazing News!

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And now, the News.


Heinlein Stuff!  Get your Brass Cannon on with these new shirts and other apparel from the Heinlein Books website.

Book Sorting is a competitive sport!

Doc Ock Now in Marvel Jail

According to this theory, comets have been swapping spit with different solar systems, with obvious results.

The Wild Wild West (not the Smith movie) and the Mandalorian animated title sequence mashup

Wolf camera collar captures a day in the life of a lone wolf (who has a thing for fish)

PSA:  Tesla cars with autopilot still need someone sitting behind the wheel.

Comic creator develops app to help creatives find conventions

Tubman family home found

Philip Harbottle presents a series of interesting Youtube videos on various British SF publications.

The US Mint announced a series of Quarter designs honoring women.  First up – Sally Ride & Maya Angelou.  (Proposed designs here.)\

Blerdcon announces Covid Vaccination Card required for attendance.

Perseverance Rover completes alchemy degree.  Turns Martian CO2 into Oxygen.

SpaceX successful launch of four astronauts to the ISS.

Ingenuity sending home Mars vacation slides

India is in Covid trouble.

Really?  Not Really.  Some are positing that Octopi are actually derived from alien DNA.

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Amazing News, Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Those who think that re-booting the original Star Trek was a good idea will probably think that the latest Star Trek Into Darkness promo is also a good idea:  a bunch of drones carrying light wands were flown over London last night, eventually coming together to form the Enterprise’s insignia (you new kids did know […]

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