Worldcon76 Files for Summary Judgment in Defamation Suit

SFSFC Inc., files for summary judgment

File770 announced today that Worldcon76 and its parent corporation, SFSFC, have filed for summary judgment in the defamation suit brought by Jon Del Arroz, against the convention, the corporation, a number of individual convention staff and (initially) a wide variety of other fannish organizations and individuals.

The case has been whittled down (by the court primarily) as charges that had no merit.  SFSFC Inc and its attorneys have now requested that the court find that the last remaining claim – that of defamation of the author (including claims that the alleged defamation has negatively impacted his “career”) be dismissed as being unsupported by the facts and, additionally, that the claims of defamation fail on the basis of the legal concept that “the truth” is a complete and total defense against such charges.

A link to the Plaintiff’s deposition for the case is included below.  To access the documents, go here, click on “Index Search”. Then enter the case file number “18-CV-334547” in the field for “Case Number Search”.
Then Select “Events”.
Page to the third page of documents and select the PDF for the following entry:



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