Five recommended works by Black authors

Jodie Whittaker to leave Who role

A New Year is a good time to read new science fiction

Thongor the Barbarian, starring Schwarzenegger?

Parsec Short Story Contest Opens

In case you were wondering, a lot of issues of Science Fiction Review, The Alien Critic and a handful of Algol/Starship are available on

That Tripod has four legs!  UK Coin offers a bad depiction of Martian tripods

On the other hand, The Left Hand of Darkness changed everything

Oumuamua back in the news

Spaghettification actually happens!

Egyptian Blue Pigment, oldest known blue pigment, may have modern applications

Add H.  Luzonensis to the family, alongside Denisovans, Neanderthals and Us

Dick Adjacent Podcast (Philip K fans) discusses works in translation

Claim that Dark Matter may not exist is preliminary and speculative

Doctorow on neofeudalism

Meet the first Black Superhero!

Wormholes may be the key to quantum gravity

An AI program turns text into images

New evidence strongly suggests Neanderthals had burials

Insight Lander working again following “Maintenance Rap”

We can’t get back to the Moon, but these folks want to build a permanent habitat around Ceres

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