Remembering Sean Connery
By Steve Vertlieb: Sean Connery, the iconic actor and super star whose irresistible presence on the motion screen happily dominated our lives for nearly sixty years died today at age ninety. Few actors of his or any other generation possessed

Top 10 Posts for October 2020
A roundup of reactions to the 2020 World Fantasy Con program announcement, and a report about the committee’s apology and efforts to make changes were last month’s two most-read items. Another Top 10 post stemming from the same issue was

2020 Ngaio Marsh Awards
The winners of the for the New Zealand crime fiction were announced at the WORD Christchurch Spring Festival on October 30. BEST NOVEL AUE by Becky Manawatu. [Note: WordPress does not support the proper E with

Pixel Scroll 10/31/20 Scroll Me Tomorrow; Hurry Back. Can’t You See? I Need To Read More Than Yesterday
Still under the weather, so another short Scroll. Feel free to add in comments that should have been scrolled today! (1) SEAN CONNERY DIES. Actor Sean Connery died October 31. Here is an excerpt of Leonard Maltin’s tribute. I only

Pixel Scroll 10/30/20 Stories That Should Have Scrolled The Pixel
A bit under the weather, so a short Scroll today. (1) GOES OVER THE TOP. Good news about the Constelación Magazine Kickstarter: The biggest news we have to share is that our Kickstarter has fully funded! Thank you so much

Over A Third of TIME’s 100 Best Fantasy Books Are By SFWA Members
Recently, TIME Magazine put together a list of the 100 Best Fantasy Books, containing some of the most beloved titles of readers around the world, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has issued a press release pointing out that

Bradbury Windows Unveiled in South Pasadena
The South Pasadena Public Library illuminated its new fused glass Ray Bradbury Windows for the first time on Thursday night. The public was invited to come – masked and maintaining social distancing – to watch from the West side of

Pixel Scroll 10/29/20 The Wheel of Time Bears Bitter Fruit
FOR THE WINNERS. Joy Alyssa Day posted a photo of this year’s Chesley Award. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13. On April 13, 1970, the Apollo 13’s lunar landing was aborted in what would become a historic mission.

What’s Happening with 2021 Worldcon Facilities
Colette Fozard and Bill Lawhorn, chairs of DisCon III, the 2021 Worldcon, updated fans about the status of their facilities in the convention’s October newsletter [PDF file]: As you can imagine, we have uncertainty related to the Coronavirus but planning

Regarding Steve Stiles
By Jeff Schalles: I had the pleasure of being friends with Steve for 44 years. When he, sadly, left us, much too soon, I at least had the pleasure of helping pull together the print version of Steve’s epic anthology

Pixel Scroll 10/28/20 No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Scroll Pixels!
FRENCH LOCKDOWN. Utopiales, the International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes (France), scheduled for this weekend, was cancelled following today’s announcement by the French president of a new nationwide lockdown. BBC explains: French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a second

2020 Galaxy Awards
The 2020 Galaxy (Yinhe) Awards were presented at the at the Shaocheng Theater in Chengdu, China on October 24. Shaoyan Hu has provided Amazing Stories with an English-langauge version of the winners list, repeated here with permission of publisher Steve Davidson. (Many

2021 Andrew Carnegie Medals Longlists
A total of 46 books (26 fiction, 20 nonfiction) have been selected to the longlists for the 2021 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction released on October 26. Judging by the linked descriptions for all the longlisted

Pixel Scroll 10/27/20 Some Fun With Death and Fear, Anyone?
I’M NOT YOUR HERO. A creator who goes by the handle mar has produced an impressive Murderbot tribute video. I’M NOT YOUR HERO – THE MURDERBOT DIARIES ANIMATIC after over 2 months, 22 sketchbook pages of brainstorming, thumbnails &

Goodreads Choice Awards 2020 Opening Round Voting
Voting has begun in the first round of the Goodreads Choice Awards: The Best Books 2020 and will continue through November 8. There are 20 categories overall. Here is what Goodreads recommended in the primary categories of genre interest – Best Fantasy,

Wendy Aldiss Launches Kickstarter for “My Father’s Things” Photobook
“Brian Aldiss was my Dad and I have produced a photographic book which is a selection of the images I made after he died. I photographed all of his possessions,” writes Wendy Aldiss. “I’m crowdfunding the printing of the book.” : “My

Pixel Scroll 10/26/20 Strange Scrolls Lying In Ponds Distributing Pixels Is No Basis For A System Of Filing
TITLE BOUT. Shelf Awareness publicized the release of the six-book shortlist for the 2020 Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year. “Founded by Trevor Bounford and the late Bruce Robertson in 1978 ‘as a way to stave

2020 Asteroid Awards
FIYAH Magazine is among the inaugural winners of the Asteroid Awards, announced October 24 at Outpost 2020, a new virtual popular science and entertainment convention hosted by Skeptoid Media and title sponsor Texas Tech. The Asteroid Awards recognize “the impact of

Uncanny Magazine Issue 37 Launches November 3
The 37th issue of Uncanny Magazine, winner of five Hugos and a British Fantasy Award, will be available on November 3. Hugo Award-winning Publishers Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to

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