AMAZING NEWS: 10-11-20


How to recognize a Coup, and what to do about it


Economics would benefit from reading SF (but save For Us The Living for later)

Liu Cixin’s statements on Uighurs puts pressure on Netflix’ production

Paul Levinson on the radio

A Tribute to Howard Harrison disguised as a con report by Dave McCarty

Is the Harry Potter Franchise Dead?

Gaiman, King Criticize Rowling’s Transphobia

Can diplomacy be entertaining?  Ask A Memory Called Empire

Authors hear voices in their heads….

Proud Boys are getting pwned by the Gay Community

Obligatory Covid-19 Information

Leah Zeldes is posting Jay Kay Klein convention photos

New Analysis suggests there are at least 36 technologically based alien civilizations in our galaxy, an average of 17,000 light years apart

The Expanse Season 5 Trailer

Wil Wheaton hosts Lower Decks finale

Gary K. Wolf talks Roger Rabbit, animation and “naughty bits”

Roald Dahl:  another person whose work’s we love turned out to be a hater

Curiosity is “Grokking” on Mars

Snoopy’s Red Baron gets an Upgrade

David Hardy’s Hotel Mural

Updates & Plans for Eastercon

Science Fiction is NOT Here to Entertain You

Short Film Based on Levinson Tale on Amazon Prime

Tales From the White Horse (that’s not a typo)

Revisionist History regarding ‘zines

A seminal Wikipedia Edit

The Watch trailer

How to Make a Bot

Study confirms what cat lovers have known for years – slow blink to show trust

Random House offers up some Star Wars “For 800 years have I trained Jedi.”

Orbit offers an excerpt from The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

University of Kansas researcher is writing a book on the proliferation of zombie TV shows, scheduled to come out in 2022 in publisher McFarland’s Contributions to Zombie Studies


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