SPECIAL SPECIAL NOTE: Julie Czerneda, a regular contributor to the magazine, has won the Aurora Award for Best Novel for The Gossamer Mage

SPECIAL NOTE:  Congratulations to R. Graeme Cameron – publisher/editor of Polar Borealis magazine and regular columnist for Amazing Stories – on his Aurora Award win for Best Fan Writer and Publications!

Congratulations to Marie Bilodeau – contributor to the magazine and AmazingCon 2020 panelist (as well as other things) for her Aurora Award for Best Fan Organizational, shared with Derek Kunsken!

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  Publishing Scammers Try a New Play:  Impersonating Agents

The shifting of SF Movies Over Time

Advocating for a new Hugo Award:  SF in Translation

Predicting the future of Covid

Go ahead, Time Travelers, step on that butterfly:  Butterfly Effect shown to not be a thing

No Contact:  Carl Sagan’s Novel rendered historically inaccurate by damage to Aricebo Radio Telescope

Doesn’t look like Pink Floyd…Satellite captures image of the Moon’s dark side.  The Moon passed between the Earth and the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite, allowing for this stunning image

Michael Kurland’s Ten Little Wizards – a Lord Darcy tale – now available for Kindle. (Read Michael’s The Quantum Error, here

Promoting diversity, inclusion and equity takes more than a Code of Conduct

Is the Corona virus our species’ Great Filter?

Remembering Susan Wood

Paul Levinson highlights Anne Reburn and Herr Clones

He went doing what he loved:  Pioneer Climate scientist falls into glacial crevasse and drowns



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