Anime roundup 5/28/2020: Eyes on the Prize

Listeners #8 – Mu and Echo’s side of the story is that they were invited to Londinium, treated literally like royalty, and freely told everything that the Londoners know about Jimi Stonefree’s fate, although it isn’t much. Neither of them suspect anything until Mu is suddenly drugged and turned loose with Jimi’s own amp.

In the middle of all this, Mu accesses a memory, either Jimi’s or hers of Jimi telling her what happened at the Fest. He stopped fighting when he realized or recalled that he was one of the Earless in human form. Then he vanished through a gateway into… Earless-space? Or wherever he came from?

Mu’s own recollection of the three sisters suggests that she isn’t Jimi’s sister in a strict biological sense, but another ex-Earless. She might be the figure seen reaching through the gate toward Jimi. So she came through, and Jimi left his magic pendant with her, and then Mu slept for ten years underneath the wreckage until Echo somehow woke her.

While that fills in Mu’s story, it leaves some questions unanswered about Londinium. Why are they being attacked by the Earless so much more than anyone else? What exactly are they trying to do by cannibalizing their own city, as seen by Nir last week?


Tower of God #8 – Quant proceeds to show all the newbies what a fully qualified Ranker is capable of, only to still lose out to Khun’s scheming and give Anaak a shot at the win. Until it turns out that part of Khun’s plan is to turn Quant into his own pawn and engineer a loss.

It does kind of deflate the drama of “will they pass the test or won’t they?” to mention early on that some people have enough points to pass regardless of whether they win the game of tag. But that, plus the observation that Team B is full of weaker people, helps illuminate what Khun is up to. He’s decided on the group of allies he wants to cultivate, and all the ones on Team A can already pass. Team B needs to win so that people like Serena and Bam can make it to the next stage.

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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #8 – Catarina is still struggling with schoolwork, which Mary sees as an opportunity to spend some time alone with her in the library. Instead, practically the whole cast winds up accompanying them, and instead of studying, they get lost in a fantasy book.

The good news here is that Catarina has definitely averted all the terrible futures she was afraid of where Maria’s romances lead to her being exiled or killed. The bad news is that now she has a whole crowd of one-sided crushes which will have all her friends trying to elbow each other out of the way for their new prize. Even Mary’s attacks of jealousy about her and Alan turn out to be because Mary sees Alan as a rival for Catarina’s affections, rather than Catarina as a rival for Alan’s.

The one person who isn’t in love with her is Maria, which, by romcom logic, means that now Catarina’s new doom is to fall in love with Maria.

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