SPECIAL NOTE:  Registration for AmazingCon (6/12-6/14) is now open.  Registration is FREE.  Please read the complete page of information on the registration site.  To Register, go here.

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  Aurora Awards. Are You Canadian?  No, scratch that.  Do you think bacon should be round instead of ribbon-shaped?  Are you tired of people thinking that you end every sentence with “ey” (even though you end every sentence with “ey”)?  Do you often find yourself looking south and shaking your head in horrified puzzlement?  Do you often wonder if there is a way to be even more polite?  If so, you may be eligible to vote in the Canadian Aurora Awards, where, as it happens, Amazing Stories contributors (both this website and the magazine) have been nominated for NUMEROUS awards:
Julie E. Czerneda for Best Novel (short fiction the magazine)
Liz Westbrook-Trenholm for Best Short Fiction (short fiction in the magazine)
Clara Blackwood, David Clink, Tyler Hagemann and Francine P. Lewis, for Best Poem or Song (poems in the magazine, editorial work)
R. Graeme Cameron and Steve Fahnestalk for Best Fan Writer (weekly columns on the website)
Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk for Best Artist (featured post on the website)
Voting Opens June 20th, so, if you qualify, please go vote and please give some serious consideration to voting for our contributors

Solar Stories Vol. 1 Opens for Submissions:  The anthology is the product of the Facebook Page Retro Rockets: “…stories should be pulp adventure science fiction set in the Solar System as it was imagined in the 1940s…”

10 Sci Fi Movies Nobody Understands?  (I don’t understand this insistence on using “skiffy” but I don’t go making videos displaying my ignorance)

“…And I wrote this angry story about this lone brown girl going into this place full of mean white people…It went to auction…”  N. K. Jemisin on discovering what publishers really wanted.

Retro Tin Tin?  (Shouldn’t that be “Retro-Retro Tin Tin”?)

A Physicist makes the case for the existence of parallel universes in this entertaining video

Counterfeit Masks Are a Problem.  Learn How to Identify Them

A Talking Cat’s Sidekick Releases a Book:  Camestros Felapton’s How To Science Fictionally A User Guide to Made Up Stuff  (so why no endorsement from Timothy?  Jealous?)

America has a social contract.  And a racial contract.

Michael Swanwick interviewd Gardner Dozois about Alice Sheldon and now there is a chapbook: She Saved Us From World War Three

Space X Working on Ways to make their satellite Sky Trains less of an astronomical nuisance.

Viz Media announces Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! – a feudal fairy tale

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