CAPTAIN FUTURE Retro Hugo Award Finalist for Best Series


Captain Future was the first science fictional pulp hero created specifically for the science fiction crowd.

Created by Mort Weisinger (Superman) and initially authored by Edmond Hamilton, the character would feature in an eponymous pulp magazine from 1940 through 1951, would re-appear in a series of paperbacks, become the title of a Japanese animation series and is the subject of a current film project.

Award winning author Allen Steele won a Hugo Award for his treatment in The Death of Captain Future and has since gone on to author updated Captain Future tales – Avengers of the Moon (TOR), Captain Future in Love and the pending The Guns of Pluto, the latter two available as Amazing Selects novelettes, in both print and electronic editions.

Amazing Selects are novelette length ‘magazine style’ presentations complete with interior illustrations, fiction and special features.


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