Red Velvet Revolution: Pilot

What’s the real purpose of the Lifemaker Corporation?

In the pilot for the web series RED VELVET REVOLUTION, the Lifemakers Corporation directs the lives of its users, called the Lifeseekers, who have signed an agreement with the Corporation but have no recollection of it, as they have ingested a medicine which erases that particular memory from their minds. The contract itself allows the Corporation to constantly surveil the Lifeseekers and to sign any kind of other contracts on behalf of the Lifeseekers.

A team of employees, called Lifemakers, works behind the scenes to arrange various serendipitous events that lead to the success of each Lifeseeker.

The story opens with the life of a young boy, Dion, a Lifeseeker, who earns a living as a social media influencer and receives offers to promote various brands in his videos. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there are insurgents within the Lifemakers Corporation who seek to bring it down and expose its work as manipulative and self-serving.

Watch the pilot of RED VELVET REVOLUTION on Recursor.TV.

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