AMAZING NEWS: 11-17-19


More Dog Deaths From Chinese Products (Dog Friends Beware)

The Rise of Science Denial in America (started a long time ago….)

Carl Sagan, Baloney Detector in Chief

Warren Proposes Federal Ban on Junk Science

How Some Present the Award Name Changes

Author & Journalist Paul Levinson Explains as Has-Been O’Reilly Bloviates

Antisemitism Issues in Massachusetts

Police Warrant Gives Access to Previously Private DNA Data


FANAC Releases Ellison Memorial Panel Video

WARNING:  New Pixar Short WILL Make You Weep

Follow that watch up with this read from Michael Chabon

Galaxycon in MPLS

Watchmen is the “best” kind of confusing  (Your usage of “best” may vary)

A Cool Collection of Retro-SF Art

Hour of the Wolf & Jim Freund Return

The Women UnKissed by Kirk

New Mad Max Film in the Works

New User Supported Social Media Site

Levinson Reviews Man in the High Castle (TV version)


Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Needs a Buyer

Radcliff’s Guns Akimbo Optioned

Amazon Order Reduction Could Make for Disastrous Holiday Sales

ChiZine Publications Statements

Felker-Martin Throws a Little Support in Scorsese’s Direction

Chip Delany is Pretty Pleased with This

Susan Wood Photo

A Word About POC Publishing

John M. Ford to be back in print…but why did he go out?

LPs Came Back;  analog cameras are coming back;  now films too?

Death of the Novel?


South Korean City Built for No Cars

Dog Communicates Using Speech Aide Tech

Orangutan Person Has  New Home

Add Oxygen to Mars’ Mystery Gasses

A Woman Visits EVERY Country on Earth and Finds That What They All Have in Common is Plastic Pollution

SpaceX Ride to Space Costs 60% Less Than Boeing

Leonids Peak Monday Night

Tide Turbine Breaks All Power Generation Records

Electric Space Engine Passes Full Test

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