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The Chase: Huntress of the Star Empire #1

by Athena Grayson

She’s the empire’s secret weapon, but her secrets could bring down the regime. All he has to do is get out of her handcuffs and into her mind to unlock them.

When surprise alien attacks left Treska Sivekka’s body battered and her mind a blank slate, the regime that rose from the ashes gave her an identity and purpose she could believe in. Vice Hunters like Treska seek out the threats to the Union’s security. Psypaths like Micah Ariesis are her primary targets and the Union’s biggest threats. But now that she’s got him in her handcuffs and every scumbag in the star system is after them both, her target may be the only one she can trust.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Metatron The Angel Has Risen

by Laurence St. John

A Hero Is Born!
On the eve of his father’s death, Tyler finds himself continually haunted by the memories of things lost. Since that horrible day, he continually gets into trouble, seeking anger as a coping mechanism. That is until one day, in a tragic turn of events, Tyler, along with his dog Maxx, fall into a cesspool where he is exposed to a mysterious green liquid that changes his DNA, giving him extraordinary powers. He is befriended by Dr. Hutchinson who is bent on helping Tyler master his superpowers and when Tyler is given a special alien artifact from his grandfather, his true destiny is revealed. But not everyone is happy for Tyler as the sinister Dr. Payne has other intentions… Now it will be up to Tyler, his best friend Lukas (who also has special abilities) and Maxx to join forces and put an end to Dr. Payne’s evil schemes. Tyler will have to make a life changing decision.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Superhero

A Place Outside The Wild

by Daniel Humphreys

Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown. The fences and walls kept the ravenous undead at bay until they wasted away. A once overwhelming foe has turned feeble and weak, and a world gone wild seems ripe for reclamation.

The scars of the long war run deep. And hope is a dangerous thing when the real enemy might just be the survivors themselves.

“Humphreys has a morbid wit, but the work stays inside typical zombie story standards: the undead are ravenous and determined, the killings are bloody (although not gratuitously so), and the battles are glorious. Those who enjoy zombie stories will want to give Humphreys’s offering a look.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

A Place Called Hope

by Daniel Humphreys

The survivors built a community and called it Hope. After eight years, they allowed themselves to think that the zombie scourge was ending; the hordes fading away in the face of time.

But the enemy they thought extinct was evolving – growing faster, stronger, and more cunning. The timely return of the much-depleted 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, US Marine Corps helped turn the tide of one battle. The prospect of renewed war against a different type of enemy will require sterner stuff and serious firepower.

Now, they must go far beyond the overgrown wastes they call the wild in a desperate attempt to recover vital military equipment that will determine whether the future of mankind is one for the living – or for the dead.

Previously $3.99

Cold War: Alien Storm

by Ken Bebelle

They invaded her planet. They ambushed her unit. They’ll have to pry Earth from her cold, dead hands…

When Lieutenant Cam Alvarez is called to investigate a desert massacre in the US Green Zone, she prepares for the worst. Once her team of soldiers arrives on the scene, she realizes the violence wasn’t committed by human hands. Alien invaders already dominate Earth’s expanding polar regions, but Cam had never seen Ringheads survive exposure to heat… until they storm her troops and abduct her.

On board the alien mothership, Cam knows she alone can warn the human resistance about the catastrophic new threat. Subjected to cruel experiments, she fights for control as the Ringheads slowly strip away her humanity. Against impossible odds, Cam must escape her captors and make an unthinkable sacrifice to give humanity one last shot at survival.

Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Box Set

by E.J. Stevens

Enter an award-winning urban fantasy world where monsters roam the streets and things aren’t always what they seem.

Demons, ghosts, vampires, and necromancers—Ivy dodges the city’s deadliest villains while solving its darkest cases. Will she save the day or die trying?

Box set includes award-winning Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series Books 1-3 and Bonus Prequel story.

Previously $9.99

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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