She-Fi Launches MY HUMAN EXPERIENCE Campaign

Award-winning writers Aimee Dansereau and Sarah Cooke have launched a crowdfunding campaign for MY HUMAN EXPERIENCE, a live-action web series featuring diverse characters, including women (alien and human alike) in STEM careers.

Dansereau and Cooke run She-fi, a sci-fi fan page on Facebook and Twitter focused on women and underrepresented voices in science fiction media. Their script for MY HUMAN EXPERIENCE placed as a top 10 finalist in the Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest, and quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch Competition.

The series stars Lex Kepler, an alien physicist and explorer sent to Earth on a serious mission. Lex hopes to study the great minds and scientists of the human race—but instead is sent to a college campus to study relationships with her lackadaisical co-worker, Xalax, who received the prestigious Earth assignment by being the admiral’s son. The series portrays women in STEM fields and diverse characters as Lex and Xalax meet and date people who help them find their humanity.

The series takes a look at human society and the human condition from an outside, alien perspective. Each season, Lex and Xalax study different aspects of our human world, such as relationships, social media, current trends, pop culture, families, friendships, racism, and LGBTQ+ discrimination..

Already attached to the series is Jenn Page and her team Heart on Fire Productions. Page is an accomplished, multi-award-winning feature and series director recently selected by as one of the “Women Who Can Change the World in Media Entertainment.” She’s filmed projects for/with internationally known brands such as MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELDTHE MINDY PROJECTTHE VOICE, and more.

Updates will be available on the My Human Experience fan page and the My Human Experience Twitter feed, as well as on Lex Kepler’s Twitter account where Lex comments on the happenings of Earth and her “outsider” perspective.

To support the “My Human Experience” Campaign, please visit the Indie Go-Go Campaign.

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