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Well, now that the podcast has notched several successful episodes following its debut – The Awkward First Episode – it can be revealed that magazine Editor Ira Nayman (author of Good Intentions recently from Elsewhen Press, Welcome to the Multiverse and numerous stories from his Transdimensional Authority series), Hugh Spencer, author of Extreme Dentistry – with a title like that you know he’s written other things as well – and Gisela McKay, who is described in the podcasts’ very own “About” section as “a sneaky creature who generally tries to disguise discussions of philosophy as pop culture.”, you know that you’re in for something special.

And when we say special, we mean there are probably several usages of that word that apply.  All of them good.

Since its quiet and unannounced debut, The Gernsback Machine has posted four episodes and a number of interviews, its most recent with Paul Levinson (who, incidentally, has described the experience as not unlike Extreme Dentistry as practiced by the Transdimensional Authority or, in other words “flat out the best interview I’ve ever done”, as well as audio visits with Allen Steele. Elizabeth Hirst and J. M. Frey

Which are easy to find with these handy-dandy links – Frey   Hirst   Steele   Levinson

The extant episodes themselves can be found here –

Test Cast
The Awkward First Episode
Ep. 2 Perspectives on Technology in Science Fiction
Ep 3. Ayn Rand, Cats vs Dogs and Other Religious Subjects
Ep 4. A Dimension of Sight and Sound

The Gernsback Machine – An Amazing Podcast (what, you thought we’d say ‘fantastic’?) can be found at;  it’s cast by both Google and Apple or right there on its own site.

Give it a listen.  Don’t mind the drills….

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