Revelations or SPECIAL EDITION COVER REVEAL (and other Cool Images)

We’ve got PICTURES! Collector Card and Special Edition Cover Reveal

In a stunning reversal of form, I’ll cut right to the chase.  We created Cover Artist Collector Cards for our IndieGoGo campaign, including our up-coming all-color special edition, which will be graced with a cover by legendary SF artist Vincent DiFate.  Without further ado, here are the cards, featuring DiFate’s cover –

and, for your complete viewing pleasure, the front and back of each card –

Volume 76, #1, Fall 2018

Volume 76, #2, Winter 2018

Volume 76, #3, Spring 2019

Volume 76, #4, Summer 2019

Volume 77, #1, Fall 2019

Vincent’s cover in greater detail –

and, bonus, a few of our authors and our booth set-up at Balticon 53

Joanna Miles, author of #savejade, a featured story in the Summer 2019 issue of Amazing Stories
Cathy Smith, author of Canuck Commodities and Futures, a featured story in Amazing Stories, Summer 2019

Our Booth

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