SPECIALA review of our most recent issue

OTHER SPECIAL – Hugo Award Final Voting Opens (Eligible voters should have reveived email notification.  Visit Dublin 2019 for more info


Do corporations need government oversite and regulation?  Yes, at least if we want to go to space

Film Production Companies Banning Georgia Production over anti-abortion law passage (Amazing Stories films there – let Apple, NBC/Universal and Amblin Entertainment know they should join the ban.)


Star Trek and Holy Grail video mashup (truly one of the best things on the internet)

The Thing From Another World (which is a great 50s movie that has not been surpassed by modern remakebootimagines) dissected

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are only entitled to what you can argue for.”  The case for not introducing idiocy into substantive conversations

Jack Gaughn Picture Book

Special Bob Eggleton Department – Godzilla Hatches

Review of Ted Chiang’s Exhalation collection

An, ummm, alternative view of Thanos

Review of The Wandering Earth pulls no punches

Letter from Harry Harrison to Harlan Ellison on attending the 1978 Worldcon (mired in the ERA controversy)


“One of the nice things about inter-generational warfare in any field is that eventually — about forty years later — the young turks start getting what they fairly earned from the next generation of young turks.”  from David Gerrold’s Looking Backward, Looking Forward

The Benfords from Corflu (video)

Arthur C. Clarke Award Short List

Prix Aurora Awards Nominations close in 6 days (Canadian award)

Yay Genre!  Boo Lit!  The Ian McEwan controversy lives on

Chip Delany on his Legacy

RIP Sir Roger Moore

Crossed Genres is accepting submissions for the Recognize Fascism anthology

A tale of 8 fans and a legendary SF magazine

New Release The Right of the Line (Ark Royal #14 by Chris Nuttall


Bezos Unveils Blue Moon Lunar Lander

Turning Excess carbon into rocks

Cache of ancient hallucinogens uncovered in Bolivia  “Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff”

Since we’re going back to the Moon, this Lunar Lander Instruction Manual might be useful

If you are a millennial, welcome to your singularity future

New ISS Robots almost replicate Huey, Dewey and Louie from Silent Running

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